Latest Keto News For Today

Recent news in the keto diet world includes a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism that
suggests consuming fatty acids from fish oil may improve health benefits of the ketogenic diet.
Another recent article discussed how intermittent fasting can be beneficial to those following a keto
diet, as it helps reduce insulin levels and increases fat burning. Finally, new research suggests that
combining exercise with a low-carb or ketogenic diet may help people lose more weight than either
approach alone.

keto news


The keto diet has become increasingly popular on social media, with many influencers sharing
recipes and tips for following the diet. Hashtags like #ketodiet and #ketogenicdiet are popular
topics on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. There are also forums dedicated to discussing the
pros and cons of the diet as well as providing helpful advice for those just starting out or wanting to
learn more about it. Additionally, there are plenty of blogs that offer up-to-date information on keto
diets and provide meal plans, grocery lists, restaurant recommendations and more.

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