5 Delicious Keto Recipes

Keto recipes don’t have to be boring or difficult to make. They can be an integral part of your weekly meal plan. There are many different types of keto recipes, including chicken and non-chicken options. Even non-chicken recipes are delicious. Here are some tried-and-true keto recipes.

Chicken Chapli Kababs

Chicken Chapli Kababs are a great way to enjoy keto-friendly food. They are quick and easy to prepare, and they’re full of flavor. These keto-friendly recipes can be prepared with a variety of meats, and they’re both delicious and healthy. You can use chicken, beef, or lamb for your kebabs.

Chapli kababs are delicious Indian kababs made with ground meat, fresh herbs, and spices. They have a distinctive aroma that makes them irresistible. They’re typically served with a side of chutney and tandoori chaplis.

While chicken keema is the traditional meat used for this dish, beef keema can also be used to make it. The minced meat is then combined with spices and shaped into a flat patty. Then, it’s shallow-fried until golden brown. The dish is also known as a “Peshawari kabab” and is the most popular dish in Peshawar.

Mediterranean-inspired recipe

Mediterranean-inspired keto recipes are filled with healthy fats and proteins. For example, seared Pacific halibut is an excellent choice for a keto seafood meal. Wild salmon cakes are also a good option. To make them keto-friendly, replace the sweet chili sauce with a homemade peanut sauce.

This dish is best served chilled. To keep the dish fresh, store it in an airtight dish in the fridge until serving time. It may form some liquid on the bottom, but this is just because the salt draws out water from the cucumbers. You can avoid this by omitting the salt in the dressing. Or, if you prefer, add salt right before serving. The extra liquid will not affect the taste of the dish.

Besides being low-carb, Mediterranean-inspired keto recipes are packed with flavor. The cuisine from this region is characterized by the use of herbs and aromatic spices. These spices and herbs are also a great way to fit omega-3s into your diet.

Shrimp fajitas

Shrimp fajitas are a delicious, low-carb, Whole30 and keto-friendly meal that can be made in just a few minutes. To make them, you can use coconut wraps, low-carb tortillas, and zucchini noodles.

The first step in making shrimp fajitas on keto is to prepare a marinade. To do this, mix the seasoning ingredients together and drizzle the shrimp with about half of the marinade. Next, cut up your vegetables and red onion and spread them on a sheet pan. Drizzle the remaining marinade over the vegetables. Then, add the shrimp to the vegetables, and cook for 5 to 8 minutes. When ready to serve, use romaine lettuce leaves to make a wrap. Another option is to use turkey lettuce wraps for your wraps.

Shrimp fajitas on low carb are also great for meal prep. Several portions can be made and stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. You can also serve them cold, but the best way to enjoy this delicious meal is hot.

Chicken Meatball Zoodle Soup

When you’re in the mood for soup, nothing beats a delicious, low-carb chicken zoodle soup. Not only is it low-carb, but it’s also filled with essential vitamins and nutrients. This recipe is Whole30-compliant and is guaranteed to make you feel warm and satisfied. A bowl of this soup is a satisfying way to start your day.

This soup is made with fresh ingredients. It’s filled with savory chicken meatballs and fresh zoodles. It’s a great comfort food that’s perfect for the winter months. You can also serve it with whole wheat angel hair pasta or your favorite noodle. To make it even more keto-friendly, you can substitute turkey meat for chicken. If you’re looking to make it low-carb, serve it over a serving of whole wheat noodles.

For the meatballs, process chicken breast until it’s the consistency of ground meat. Add almond flour, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. Shape the meatballs into bite-sized balls. Cook the meatballs in olive oil. Meanwhile, cook the zoodles in a pot over medium heat. Pour in broth and cook for about 20 minutes.

Keto recipes

Low carb taco salad

Low carb taco salad is a fantastic, healthy meal for the whole family. It has all the traditional accoutrements of a traditional taco, but with a fraction of the carbs. Using ground beef as the main ingredient provides a meaty base with plenty of flavor and fat. You can also use ground chicken or pork. To make it even healthier, you can use homemade taco seasoning.

To prepare Low carb taco salad, first prepare the taco meat. The meat should be cooked in a skillet on medium heat until it’s thoroughly browned. Sliced tomatoes are also a great addition as they provide a good amount of juice for the salad. Sliced avocado and black olives are also a good addition. You can also add grated cheddar cheese and sour cream if you wish.

A great low carb taco salad recipe contains ground beef, avocado, and shredded cheese. It can be served with tortilla chips or warmed taco shells. You can also replace the meat with ground beef or switch it up a bit by adding a little taco seasoning.

Baked jicama fries

These healthy snacks are low in carbs and high in fiber. They have a mild flavor that is reminiscent of apple, potato, or water chestnut, and you can serve them as a healthy alternative to potato chips. They can be easily stored in the freezer, if you like. They can also be served with dipping sauces.

First, prepare a baking tray lined with parchment paper or use an air fryer basket. Place the jicama sticks on the baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes, then turn them over. They should be perfectly cooked on the outside and crisp on the inside. If you like, you can season them with spices or parmesan cheese. Baked jicama fries can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Next, peel the jicama and slice them into thin French fry shapes. Make sure to drizzle the fries with olive oil to make them extra crispy. Then, sprinkle a bit of salt over each slice before baking them. Salt prevents the fries from becoming soggy or tasting bland when cooked.

Beef stew

Keto beef stew is a comforting dish that is easy to adapt to the Keto diet. This stew has the added benefit of being low-carb and loaded with nutrients. It features thick sauce and tender beef pieces. This stew is a winter-time staple and will make you feel warm and cozy.

The stew’s main ingredients are beef and onions. It is important to brown the beef before adding it to the pot. Then, add half a cup of beef broth. This will help thicken the sauce. Meanwhile, the other ingredients, such as garlic, beef broth, and bay leaves, should be added. Cook the stew for at least 30 minutes.

The first step in making beef stew is to gather all the ingredients. Doing so will save you the hassle of last-minute grocery runs and recipe modifications. Next, heat the pot to medium-high heat. Once it is hot, add 1/2 tablespoon of butter or avocado oil to the pot. Continue to cook the beef until it is very tender.

Keto beef stew is a versatile meal. You can serve it with a low-carb vegetable side dish like cauliflower rice or a green salad.

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